Restoration inquiries

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    Rumšiškės, Vajakiškių str. 11 of our company MB Medžio dizainas is located. We are a team of professional restorers with more than 15 years of experience! We carry out the restoration of antique wooden furniture and it’s surfaces, the renovation of upholstered furniture and the restoration of cultural monuments.

    Vajakiškių g. 11, Rumšiškės, LT-56337 Kaišiadorių r.

    Restoration of furniture

    +370 61064229

    Restoration of cultural assets

    +370 609 65555

    Company requisites

    MB Medžio dizainas
    Vajakiškių g. 11, LT-56337, Rumšiškės, Kaišiadorių raj.
    Company code: 304510085
    VAT identification number: LT100013209212
    Bank a/c: LT46 7044 0600 0815 81354