About us


MB ,,Medžio dizainas‘‘ Our team of professional restorerers pride itself on more then 15 years of experience.

Our company started as a part of one of the biggest antique stores in Lithuania „Rumšiškių baldai“, where we provided  restoration services. Later on, we became a subsidiary company of „Rumšiškių baldai“ under the name of „Medžio dizainas“ and concentrated exclusively on restoration. Nowadays, the services we provide include restoration of antique furnature and their surfaces, renewal of  upholstered furniture and restoration of heritage assets. We also provide furniture painting, varnishing and aging services. We pride ourselves on the trust placed in us by our clients, which include large companies and public institutions.

We work with customers in Lithuania and abroad, especially in Scandinavia, Northern and Western Europe. All of the company’s specialists are experienced and qualified, who understand the needs of our customers and know what solutions are suitable for the restoration of antique furniture. Therefore, the restoration is of high quality and is carried out promptly, with special attention given to each order. Restored antique furniture becomes an element of the interior design of your home or office.

medžio dizainas • from 2004


We strive for the uniqueness and sustainability of the furniture renovated by “Wood design”. Sustainability and environmental friendliness are our core values. We actively contribute to reducing mass consumption and promote a neutral circular economy. We help bring up memories by restoring the old grandparent’s desk, sideboard, cabinet, coffee table or sofa that was found in the attic. By bringing wooden furniture, upholstered furniture, various windows, doors and other objects back for a second life, we help protect nature. Restored antique furniture stand outs due to its high quality because it is largely made out of natural solid wood and is therefore very durable even after many decades. In Rumšiškės, antique furniture is reborn anew!


Our team consists of qualified and inquisitive craftsmen who constantly deepen their knowledge in seminars, internships and
courses as well as by cooperation with other companies. Team’s diverse higher education in the areas of restoration and conservation of artworks as well as in furniture manufacturing technology ensures that the work is carried out properly and with high quality. We have a certified heritage specialist who gives us the right to carry out restoration work on heritage assets.

The upholstered furniture and gilding specialist has gained experience in several restoration companies. She will ensure that the upholstery of your furniture is restored using period appropriate techniques. The experience gained in the field of gilding makes it possible to restore the missing parts of the most demanding frames and cover them with gold leaf. The loss of art elements of the object is not an obstacle. The talented artist of our team will masterfully restore the lost parts of the drawing.

The varnishing and painting specialist, with more than ten years of experience, will select the appropriate protective coating and will professionally apply it. This ensures the longevity of your item. If required, we can offer an antique shellac varnishing, which requires a lot of manual work. An experienced specialist can coat your furniture with a smooth and shiny layer of shellac that will add even more value to your furniture.